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Alcohol Detox Programs Near Me

Has your drinking habit escalated to a point you are no longer comfortable with? If so, it is time to consider checking into an alcohol detox program and get your life back on track. Nearly 7% of American adults struggle with an alcohol use disorder, meaning 15 million people have a drinking problem. Of all […]

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine use often starts off as an innocent party drug to ramp up energy, mood, and confidence. But because it is so addicting, cocaine use can quickly turn on you. In fact, cocaine abuse and addiction can be devastating, causing your health and your life to crash and burn. Let’s delve into the long-term effects […]

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8 Benefits of Sobriety

Sobriety is a gift. Sure, it may not seem like it when you are going through detox and the treatment process. But rest assured, once you begin enjoying the benefits of sobriety, you will never regret your decision. When you were considering going in for treatment, you may have pictured life in sobriety as one […]

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Why Am I Always Feeling Hungover?

Why Do I Feel Like I’ve Got A Constant Hangover? You wake up to yet another day of feeling yucky and tired. Maybe you feel nauseous, or maybe you have a splitting headache. If you find yourself moaning, “Why am I always feeling hungover?” then it’s time to review your drinking habits. When you are […]

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What Is the Morphine High?

Morphine is a potent narcotic in the opioid family of drugs. Morphine is used to control acute and chronic pain, and for terminal patients in palliative care or hospice. Some people, though, use this opioid in order to experience the morphine high. Let’s explore what a morphine high looks like. What is Morphine? Unlike synthetic […]

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What is Cocaine Drip?

Cocaine drip is the presence of a constantly runny nose after using the drug. Cocaine drip can also occur in the back of the throat. To learn more about the adverse effects of cocaine use, read on. Facts About Cocaine Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is derived from the coca plant. It remains a […]

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What are Addictive Medications?

Over the last decade, people have become much more aware of the dangers of addictive medications. Learn about these drugs and the signs of addiction to prescription pills. As grateful as we are for relief from what ails us, the truth is that some medications are very addictive. While drugs can provide pain relief, or […]