thumb imageExecutive Drug Detox at Capo-by-the Sea provides a luxurious environment in which you can take the crucial step of removing from your body the substances you are addicted to. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine or other street drugs, or to prescription drugs, eliminating these toxins from the body is a significant part of the process of becoming clean and free from addiction. With this foundation the client can see and feel fast, measurable progress toward their goal of an addiction free life. A return to balance and health at work and at home.

Medically Supervised

Executive Drug Detox is a process many substance abusers fear because of having to  undergo painful withdrawal symptoms.  Withdrawal symptoms could include vomiting, nausea, muscle pains, constipation, etc. Without medical supervision these are inevitable, sometimes permanently damaging organs, and sometimes even fatal when done alone. Under our fully staffed and highly experienced medical supervision every supportive and mitigating measure is taken to minimize any discomfort and ensure our clients safety, well-being and success. Our Executive Drug Detox strategy takes into account the unique needs of the individuals who we cater to. Executives cannot take extended time off, success depends on their presence. At Capo we understand that efficiency is an important part of the success of our programs.

Experienced Staff

At Executive Drug Detox by Capo-by-the-Sea, detoxification withdrawal is the least of your worries. We have created a treatment method that makes drug detox less painful and uncomfortable. From your arrival on day one to the day of your healthy departure at the end of your stay you will be under the supervision of licensed physicians, and the round-the-clock care of the rest of the staff. With this we assure you a smooth and painless detox process. We are with you every step of the way, bringing our expertise, experience and understanding to your individual experience.