thumb imageYou are going to be assessed once you come to us. The degree of your addiction will be checked, the effects it has given your mind and body, its triggers, and other factors about your addiction.

Since every case is unique, Executive Drug Treatment by Capo by the Sea gives you a treatment program that is unique to your situation as well. We have an Accelerated 2-Week Plan that you can sign-up for. We will closely monitor your process through the treatment and will provide you the needed support to hasten the process – so you can get your life back.

Every day we keep track of your progress and condition, and plot the most suitable weekly treatment plans for you. We base our plans on how you are doing with your treatment, the programs that best work for you, when you could possibly reach the goal, and what relapse approaches should you need just in case you find yourself feeling tempted to pick-up the habit again. In the two weeks you’ll spend at Executive Drug Treatment by Capo by the Sea, you will be educated, guided and counseled by the most competent therapists.