Golf Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Designed for the Executive

Treatment Programs

Capo by the Sea’s customized, individual cognitive based therapy programs are designed to address the unique needs of the golf enthusiasts we serve.

The Courses

Play Golf while you rehab at these Southern California’s exclusive country clubs: Bella Colina Towne and Golf Club, St. Regis Monarch Beach Golf and Talega Golf Club

Accommodation Photos

Private homes, private rooms and semi-private rooms available. Services include but not limited to private massage and acupuncture.

Video Interview with Jack Platt - Program Director

Jack Platt (LCSW, MA, MSW CADCII, MAC) has applied his diverse experience to the field of chemical dependency treatment. He has over 25 years of professional experience in this field of work.

Premier All Inclusive
Executive Alcohol Detox at Capo-by-the-Sea is a premier, all-inclusive recovery program for patients of means battling addiction. Executive detox is a special situation with individuals who can’t just walk away from everything in order to get treatment. Their company’s success depends on them. There’s too much at stake. A high performance career doesn’t mean everything is under control on a personal level. It happens often, someone in a high power position succumbing to dependency. Our executive alcohol detox is done in the care of medical professionals that help you to take that first difficult step to recovery.

Alcohol Detox for Executives

Our Executive Alcohol Detox program is designed for executives who are currently suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Fully qualified medical personnel oversee and administer the entire process to ensure a safe detox experience. Treatment is customized for each individuals needs. Executive alcohol detox is a physical and mental process. Symptoms of withdrawal can be difficult and even life threatening so medical support is key. Evaluation for medical issues that may impact the detox process, administration of medications to counteract symptoms, attention to nutritional repair an assessment of any ongoing needs following detox. We also do everything in our power to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

What Makes Capo – by – the -Sea Executive Detox Different?

At Capo’s the search for a private detox facility to address issues related to drug and alcohol addiction in your life, or in the life of a loved one, is answered. Their individual needs are addressed by a professional and caring staff in some of the most luxurious accommodations available, and knowing this our clients can rest comfortably and quietly during their initial detox period. At Capo by the Sea beautiful ocean vistas abound, providing a tranquil and calming atmosphere during this necessary step in addressing drug and alcohol addiction.

Staff to Patient Ratio

Our staff-to-patient ratio is exceptional in our industry, compared to other facilities who find it cost-prohibitive to keep a detox doctor on staff.   Our medical and clinical staff that welcomes you to our facility will remain with you through the course of your treatment.

24 Hour Staff

In addition to our consulting physician, our 24-hour in-house staff monitors the vital signs and general well-being of our detoxifying clients. The majority of our rooms in our treatment center are private. Our professional chef also provides soothing and healthy food and beverages to ensure proper nutrition and full hydration. All of the features provided by Capo during the detoxification process assist in our client’s maximum comfort and create an atmosphere of health and well-being.

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